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Wasp or Bee: What’s the Difference?

You don't need to be able to tell wasps and bees apart to know they can be a pain to deal with. Still, it's a good idea to understand the basic differences so you have a better handle on potential situations at your home or business. Pest control services in Reisterstown can help, too! Physical [...]

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Learn About the Bees and the Wasps Outside Your Home

The warmer months bring their share of the summertime woes, and with them come the bees and the wasps. Some are more dangerous than others, such as the bumblebee, which can sting and cause a health threat. Others, like the bald faced hornet, can be a serious threat if a nest is found near a [...]

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Exterminators Answer Your Bee Questions

Confusion continues about "good" bees who pollinate our nation's food supply and stinging insects like wasps and hornets. Honey bees are responsible for pollinating flowering plant crops like almonds, apples, kiwis, and strawberries. Unfortunately, threats exists endangering the health of honey bees and efforts are underway to stop their decline. On the other hand, stinging [...]

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Exterminator to Remove Yellow Jacket Nests

Finding a swarm of wasps or bees around your home or business can be intimidating. Despite the  adage of "leave them alone and they will leave you alone," yellow jackets become aggressive towards the end of summer. If you notice wasps swarming be very careful or someone will get stung. In fact, some people will [...]

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Don’t Kill Every Bee You See!

2020 has bought us new challenges. One of those includes America's newest visitors: murder hornets. They sound like something out of a horror movie. You may even be tempted to exterminate every stinging insect you see just to be safe. However, killing all of the stinging insects can backfire for many reasons. At Raven Termite [...]

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Yellow Jacket Exterminators to the Rescue!

Yellow jackets are aggressive and are frequently known to sting humans. They build nests that grow to the size of a basketball or bigger. Some of these nests contain as many as 15,000 insects! We don't recommend handling a yellow jacket problem on your own. If want to rid your property of yellow jackets and [...]

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Top Exterminator for Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are necessary pollinators and they are not aggressive. However, these bees damage wood structures surrounding your home. If you need an exterminator in Severna Park, discover Raven Termite and Pest Control. We keep carpenter bees at bay during the spring and summertime. The Difference Between Carpenter Bees and Bumblebees Carpenter and bumblebees are [...]

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Pest Control Services Treat for “Bad” Bees

How much do you know about bees? There are over 15,000 different species of bees in the world. There's a lot of confusion regarding the difference between good bees and the ones that are hazardous. All bees are not created equal. Here's what you need to know about bees and how to distinguish helpful ones [...]

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Eliminate Bees from Your Home with Raven Termite and Pest Control in Towson

While honeybees are essential in orchards and other areas that benefit from pollination, they can post a danger to some people. Having a garden can encourage the migration of bees, as bees love collecting beneficial pollen. Since bees can be dangerous to have around in abundance, it is important to keep them under control. Bee [...]

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Will My Garden Attract Ants and Bees? Read for Tips to Prevent Ants and Bees Near Your Home

Your garden may be home to a variety of flowers, vegetables and fruit or herbs. A garden can also be home to ants and bees and while these insects might help your garden over time an influx of them can be detrimental. Learn some tips to preventing ants and bees from getting to your home [...]

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