Wasp or Bee: What’s the Difference?

You don\’t need to be able to tell wasps and bees apart to know they can be a pain to deal with. Still, it\’s a good idea to understand the basic differences so you have a better handle on potential situations at your home or business. Pest control services in Reisterstown can help, too!

Physical Differences

Bees gather pollen and are hairy or furry. (The pollen sticks to their hair.) Bees also tend to be plump or stout while wasps are leaner and not hairy with slim waists.

Diets and Habitats – More from Professionals in Pest Control Services in Reisterstown

About 400 species of bees are native to Maryland. Some make ground nests, while others tunnel underground to live. Yet other species live in wood and natural cavities.
Wasps, too, can nest above ground and in the ground. You can also find them in trees, house eaves, and various cavities. Wasps love to eat insects, fruit, nectar, meat, and sweet foods, so take care with your trash cans and plans for outdoor dining.
Bees enjoy sweets and can be a nuisance at picnics, just like wasps. Cover your sugary drinks! On the whole, though, bees eat pollen and nectar from flowers.

Wasp Stings vs. Bee Stings

Wasps are more aggressive than bees and could be more likely to sting you. They can also sting multiple times while bees do it only once.
Wasp and bee stings cause similar symptoms and reactions, but a bee\’s stinger becomes stuck in the person\’s skin. If there is no stinger there, a wasp must have stung you.
Typically, you can self-treat stings unless you are allergic. To remove the venom from the sting area, wash it with soap and water. Use medications such as ibuprofen along with cold packs to reduce swelling and pain. Cream and lotion can help with irritated skin.

Seek Help from Pest Control Services in Reisterstown

Are you living with aggressive wasps or disruptive bees? Are they driving your customers away? Get in touch today with Raven Termite and Pest Control services in Reisterstown to find out more or to get a free estimate. We offer various programs and eco-friendly approaches to protect your property from different types of pests.

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