Learn About the Bees and the Wasps Outside Your Home

The warmer months bring their share of the summertime woes, and with them come the bees and the wasps. Some are more dangerous than others, such as the bumblebee, which can sting and cause a health threat. Others, like the bald faced hornet, can be a serious threat if a nest is found near a home. They can attack as well. The most common types of flying stingers are European hornets, mud daubers, paper wasps, yellow jackets and honeybees. When their nests pose a threat to human habitation, it’s time to seek a reputable exterminator in Rockville or the surrounding areas of Maryland.

Behaviors of Bees and Wasps

European hornets, mud daubers, paper wasps and yellow jackets are not known to attack humans at will but will move to defend their territory if you come near it. The same holds true for honeybees. All bees need nests, and bee nests are just as different as the bees themselves.  Aside from the Cuckoo bee which lay their eggs in the nests made by others, most bees build their own nests. Some bees select sunny, open areas to dig tunnels underground to lay their eggs. Other bees, like leaf cutters and masons, nest in holes. Many will take advantage of holes already  made by other insects, such as beetles.  Carpenter bees design their own abodes by burrowing in wood.

The Importance of Bees and Wasps 

Bees and wasps are important to the environment in that they pollinate flowers, which is beneficial to the environment. Some even produce food, such as the honeybee, which makes our honey happen.

Different Types of Bees and Wasps- A More in Depth Look From An Exterminator in Rockville

Bees and wasps have different characteristics according to their type:

  • Honeybees build nest inside trees, under rocks and under any other structure that offers shelter to them. They prefer to remain near flowers so they can pollinate them. They are highly social and are non-aggressive. However, honeybees can cause damage when an infestation occurs.
  • Like honeybees, bumblebees are very social creatures. They pollinate crops and other critical plants and are not aggressive towards people. But they can be a threat in cases where people may have severe allergic reactions to them.
  • Bald faced hornets can be useful because they are known to kill other household pests. You can tell their nests when you see paper like structures on exposed areas such as trees or telephone poles. If you see one near your home, you should call pest control services right away.
  • European hornets keep other insect populations in check and use old hollowed out trees and buildings to build their nests. If a nest is spotted near a building, an exterminator in Rockville or your surrounding area should be called right away.
  • Paper wasps are known for their uncanny ability to build nests that resemble paper from porch ceilings, trees and shrubs. They kill other insects and are not known to be aggressive unless they detect a threat to their nest.
  • Yellow jackets are characterized by a yellow and black striped pattern. These nonviolent stingers are excellent for reducing other infestations and use old plant roots and timber to build nests.

How to Keep this Pest out of Your Home

Most of these stingers are not aggressive unless their territory is threatened. However, if you happen to notice a nest near your building, don’t hesitate to contact us today for an appointment!

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