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Pest Control To Take Care Of Groundhog Problems

Are you searching for pest control in Prince George's County, MD, or the surrounding areas, to help you with your groundhog problem? While groundhogs might help you know whether or not there is six weeks of winter or an early spring on the horizon, but they are not animals you want to be prevalent around [...]

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Exterminators Handle Chipmunk Problems

The only chipmunks found in Maryland are the Eastern Chipmunks. They have reddish-brown fur with a black stripe down their back. On either side of their body, they have two black stripes with one white stripe that runs down to their tail. Though they are usually found in and near forests, sometimes they can find [...]

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Rodent Control Tips for the Fall Season

Fall is the time where people prepare their homes for the cooler winter months. This season is also a busy one for our pros at Raven Termite and Pest Control who specialize in rodent control in Baltimore. Homeowners in our area call us because they've discovered rats, squirrels, mice, or even raccoons in their homes. [...]

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Differentiating a Mole vs. a Vole

You have moles digging in your lawn and destroying everything. Or are they voles? Did you even know there were two underground rodents potentially destroying your yard? Raven Termite and Pest Control, a top exterminator in Ellicott City is at your service. Read on to learn more about identifying and differentiating moles from voles. Characteristics [...]

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Keeping Rats Out of Your Building

No one wants to see a rat in their building. Dangerous to both humans and property, they can transfer disease and destroy the structure of buildings. If your commercial building has a rat infestation, it is important to act fast. If you are looking for exterminators in Hunt Valley to remove these pests, discover Raven [...]

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Call Pest Control Services for Moles

If you're finding three to five-inch rounded, raised ridges on your lawn with small dirt piles, you likely have a mole infestation. The typical mole species in Maryland, referred to as Eastern Moles, are found in lawns, gardens, golf courses, fields, and woodlands. Eastern moles have grey or brown fur and can fit in the [...]

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How to Distinguish a Rat from a Mouse

According to some studies, 84% of homeowners in America have experienced a pest problem in the past year. And rats are a big part of the problem. Almost one-third of Americans have had a rat or mouse infestation in their home. Rodents such as rats and mice carry diseases, damage your home, and multiply quickly. [...]

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