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Rodent Control

Differentiating a Mole vs. a Vole

You have moles digging in your lawn and destroying everything. Or are they voles? Did you even know there were two underground rodents potentially destroying your yard? Raven Termite and Pest Control, a top exterminator in Ellicott City is at your service. Read on to learn more about identifying and differentiating moles from voles. Characteristics [...]

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Keeping Rats Out of Your Building

No one wants to see a rat in their building. Dangerous to both humans and property, they can transfer disease and destroy the structure of buildings. If your commercial building has a rat infestation, it is important to act fast. If you are looking for exterminators in Hunt Valley to remove these pests, discover Raven [...]

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Call Pest Control Services for Moles

If you're finding three to five-inch rounded, raised ridges on your lawn with small dirt piles, you likely have a mole infestation. The typical mole species in Maryland, referred to as Eastern Moles, are found in lawns, gardens, golf courses, fields, and woodlands. Eastern moles have grey or brown fur and can fit in the [...]

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How to Distinguish a Rat from a Mouse

According to some studies, 84% of homeowners in America have experienced a pest problem in the past year. And rats are a big part of the problem. Almost one-third of Americans have had a rat or mouse infestation in their home. Rodents such as rats and mice carry diseases, damage your home, and multiply quickly. [...]

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Rodent Control in Baltimore is Our Top Priority

After seeing a mouse in your kitchen, you set a trap. After the mouse took the bait and died in the trap, you may believe that your problems are solved. Unfortunately, your troubles may only be beginning. If you need rodent control in Baltimore, and the surrounding areas, Raven Termite and Pest Control is here [...]

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Rodent Control Prevents Squirrel Damage

Squirrels can be fun animals to watch as they chase each other across yards and up trees, but once they enter your house the appeal quickly fades. Squirrels are able to gnaw through a large variety of materials and, if you are not careful, that can include the construction materials of your home. Once inside, [...]

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Cold Weather Brings Mice Indoors

While winter banishes lots of unwanted pests like mosquitoes, it's also the time of year when mice scurry to move indoors. Mice and other rodents begin looking for a warm place to nest, particularly if that space doubles as a food and water source. If you suspect that you have a rodent problem, you'll want [...]

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Exterminator in Annapolis MD Services Commercial Clients

Business owners have enough to think about to keep their companies running successfully. The last thing you need is to worry about a rodent infestation. Unfortunately mice and rats do not waste time making themselves at home anywhere that they can find food and shelter. Mice and Rats Can Cause Real Damage Rodents can do [...]

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Rodents in Your Home? Get Rodent Control in Baltimore with Raven Termite!

As cold weather approaches, you are not the only one that is getting ready for the upcoming cold weather. Rodents are also making preparations, and part of these preparations include finding a place to stay, which could very well be inside your home. Consider the signs and potential problems of having rodents infesting your house [...]

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