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DIY Rodent Control Rarely Works

Until it warms up, which isn't going to happen for another couple of months, many people like to hunker down inside their warm home. Unfortunately, certain pests feel the same way. Experience shows that mice and other unwelcome houseguests will more than likely try and spend the winter in whatever nooks and crannies they can [...]

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Winter Cold Brings Mice Inside

'Tis the season for cold weather and unwanted animal house guests. Winter weather affects humans and animals. Animals, often rodents, will invade your home in search of a warm place to call home during the cold months. An exterminator in Columbia can help you get rid of these pests and help you prevent them from [...]

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Pest Control Services for Chipmunks

If you live in Maryland, you have probably seen the adorably cute eastern chipmunk. With their full cheeks, these little darlings look anything but dangerous. However, these tiny creatures can cause some serious damage. If these rodents are overtaking your property and you need pest control services in Towson, reach out to Raven Termite and [...]

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Exterminators Prevent Rodent Problems

Autumn heralds a magical time of the year as leaves turn golden and pumpkin spice fills the air. Yet, as food and shelter get scarce outdoors, rats and mice make a beeline for warm homes. With the really cold weather still a few months away, now is the perfect time for preventative maintenance. Raven Termite [...]

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See a Rat? Call Rodent Control in Baltimore

Rats are one of the most common nuisances that businesses and homeowners must deal with on a constant basis. Norway rats can cause significant structural damage while also posing as a health risk. Norway rats originally came to America in the 1700s and continue to thrive throughout the United States. These rats have poor vision [...]

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Can a Mouse Really Fit Through a Hole the Size of a Dime?

Yes, they can! They only need a tiny space to get into your home. Despite being small, the humble mouse has some other unsettling attributes. Did you know mice represent a real risk for a house fire? Their sharp teeth never stop growing, so they literally need to gnaw on something, anything, to keep them [...]

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Commercial Pest Control Services for Rodents

Rodents are a significant issue in warehouses and large commercial buildings. The large spaces contain hard to reach areas where mice and rats love to hide. And rodents, especially rats, are a problem you want to deal with as quickly as possible. It's estimated that just two rats in an ideal environment can multiply into [...]

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Will Mice Go Back Outside in the Spring?

So, you have a mouse problem that has been troubling you for a while now. With the arrival of warmer weather in the spring, you'd expect that the mice would move back outside. Unfortunately, that is not the case. As long as the environment in your home or office provides food and water, the mice [...]

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Professional Exterminators Eliminate Attic Pests

Have you heard noises above your head or noticed an unusual odor in your attic? Rodents, especially when temperatures dip, look for cozy, warm places to nest. Your attic could be their first choice in real estate. The sooner you deal with an infestation, the more quickly you can eradicate these destructive critters from your [...]

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