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Prepare for Your Home Inspection with a Termite Expert

Buying a new house is a major milestone in a person's life, but before you put in an offer on a house, it is important to do a full home inspection. A key part of your home owner inspection a termite inspection.  In most states, including Maryland, termite inspections are mandatory during real estate transactions. [...]

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What are Carpenter Ants vs. Termites?

Are you concerned that your home may have termites? Are you looking for pest control in Columbia, MD, or the surrounding areas, to help ease your mind? If you suspect that there's an insect chewing your home's wood frame it could be carpenter ants or termites. While both of them are equally damaging, it's necessary [...]

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Termite Prevention Tips You Can Use

Everybody knows that termites can be a problem. Few homeowners, though, appreciate just how much of a problem termites can be. They can cause critical damage to a house in a surprisingly short amount of time. While it is good to know that you can always call on Raven Termite and Pest Control in Hunt [...]

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How We Treat Termites in Your Home

Every year, property owners lose billions of dollars because of termite infestations. The good news is that you can prevent significant damage before it's too late if you catch the termites early. Raven Termite and Pest Control manages termite treatments for homes and businesses across the area. When you suspect termite, don't wait. We are [...]

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Is Termite Control Needed in the Winter?

Though you may think that you do not have to worry about termite infestations during the cold winter months, that is not necessarily true. Unlike some other bugs, termites do not hibernate during winter. Instead, they retreat to their nests and wait for winter to be over. Usually, they go underground, but if the weather [...]

By |2020-11-13T19:53:13-05:00November 23rd, 2020|

Do Termites Hibernate in the Fall?

Termites resemble ants, which is why you might not realize you have a termite infestation until it's too late. It is common to notice the damage from termites before ever seeing a termite. Raven Termite and Pest Control services in Westminster can help prevent termite damage and eliminate infestations. Unfortunately, termites do not rest or [...]

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Top Pest Control for Termites

Each year, termites cause countless dollars' worth of destruction throughout the world. Locally, termites can cause a lot of damage to your home in only a short amount of time. Unfortunately, they are nearly impossible to remove on your own. Reaching out to Raven Termite and Pest Control when you need professional pest control in [...]

By |2020-08-17T14:41:20-04:00August 17th, 2020|

Spring Brings Termite Issues

Termites are small winged insects, but despite their innocuous appearance, they are one of the most destructive pests you can have in your home. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, termites are responsible for billions of dollars of structural damage a year. The EPA also reports that property owners across the US will spend [...]

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Exterminator Explains Termites Damage

You may walk by them every day and not even notice the signs that they are there. Unlike people, termites never sleep and are working around the clock destroying the integrity and value of your home. Interestingly, and fittingly enough, termites are closely related to cockroaches. Lucky for you, there's an exterminator in Annapolis with [...]

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Stop Termites in Their Tracks

Termites provide useful services in nature by breaking down wood. Unfortunately, the opposite is true in terms of a positive impact if they invade your home. If a colony establishes itself in the foundation of your home, this will cause major problems. If you're searching for pest control in Lutherville to help with a termite [...]

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