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Fall is a Great Time to Eliminate Moles

Moles are small burrowing insectivores, usually 6-8 inches long with grayish-black fur covering their bodies. Visible feeding tunnels throughout your yard is one of the most common signs that you have a mole problem. Molehills and tunnels can be a major eyesore while also making it more difficult for you to mow your lawn. Unfortunately, [...]

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Stop Seasonal Insect Invasions!

Seasonal insect invasions are an all too common problem for many households in our area. Some of these insects can cause damage to your home while also posing health risks to you and your family. Ensuring cracks around your house are sealed is the first step to protect against insect infestations. However, if you see [...]

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Suspect Clothes Moths in Your Home?

Since autumn is here, bringing colder temperatures along with it, you're most likely removing your fall and winter clothing from storage. Unfortunately, some may discover a few unpleasant surprises. You may notice that your favorite wool sweater or suit jacket has holes. Holes are a sign that you could be dealing with clothes moths. Don't [...]

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Don’t Let Ladybugs Overwinter in Your Home

Ladybugs in your home might not seem like the biggest problem, but they can cause some issues. The experts at Raven Termite and Pest Control have the answers if you need pest control in Sykesville, and beyond. If you're dealing with a ladybug problem, here's what you need to know to get it fixed. Why [...]

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Beware of Cluster Flies This Fall

Typically the Fall sees you reaching less for the fly swatter or handy newspaper. But this season of colorful trees and cooler temperatures can bring another unwanted visitor to your residence - cluster flies. These housefly relatives seek out warm houses for winter, often greeting unsuspecting homeowners with a swarm when they open an attic [...]

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Common Fall Pests – Give Them the Boot

Fall is here, and the world around us is changing into a cooler more beautiful setting. Fall doesn't only bring new colors and north winds, it also signals the beginning of the period in which many animals and pests seek shelter for the upcoming winter, among them a whole slew of fall pests that can, [...]

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Fall Pest Control Made Easy

With the arrival of the fall season considering fall pest control for your home is important and timely. Many pest populations will continue to thrive this season and also begin to seek food, shelter, and warmth indoors. While inside your home, pests can contaminate foods and cause significant damage to property creating safety issues for [...]

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