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Dealing With Pest Birds: European Starlings

Birds are beautiful, often wonderful additions to your yard. However, there are some birds that can be real pests, like European Starlings. It’s smart to be able to identify these birds as soon as they arrive on your property so you can figure out a way to get rid of them. If they invade, reach out to Raven Termite and Pest Control. We are top-rated exterminators in Glen Burnie and beyond. We can help you get rid of troublesome birds and more.

Learn More About European Starlings

European Starlings are about 6 inches in length and they only weigh around 3 ounces. Their coloring is dark, and they have some speckles on their feathers. These birds are not native to the U.S. and don’t have natural predators to wipe them out. You might notice them pecking at the grass as they love to eat grubs and other larvae. But they will also eat trash, spilled foods, and fruit from the trees.
Starlings often flock to clogged gutters and for drinking water. Their droppings can erode the home’s structure and when a bunch of them flock together in one area, it can really damage the property. Plus, their droppings can contaminate the soil around your home and transmit a number of diseases, including things like histoplasmosis.
When they flock and nest near your house, they cause the damage discussed above and can attract other pests and bugs. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to prevent the issue from arising in the first place. Cover fruit trees with netting and make sure trash is secure when it goes out. But if you already have a problem with the birds, you might need professional help.

Calling Exterminators in Glen Burnie

If the European Starlings have moved in, you might feel like you want to move out. Don’t despair, there’s still hope. Call the professionals at Raven Termite and Pest Control for a free estimate. We are trusted exterminators in Glen Bernie and the surrounding areas. We successfully remove pests and prevent them from causing issues for home and business owners. Click here to contact us today!

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