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What To Do if You Find a Bird’s Nest

Every year birds build new nests to lay eggs, and often these nests are located under eaves, on porches, above doors or other nooks outside a home or business. What should you do if you find a bird’s nest? The exterminators at Raven Termite and Pest Control, your choice for pest control in Dundalk, are here to provide you with information on bird nests and their impact on a home.

Issues Birds and Bird Nests Can Cause

First, it’s important to understand that bird nests can create issues for your home and family. Birds will build nests where they feel their young will be the most safe, and that place could be anywhere on your house they find a spot. Nesting in gutters can cause roof damage, nesting over doors and windows can cause frames to rot, and nesting on eaves can cause issues.

Birds can be beneficial to have around your home; however, some birds, such as woodpeckers, could cause structural damage when they seek food in your siding, doors, framework or trimming.

Birds with young are known to be aggressive and may attack people who get too close to the nest. Therefore, ff the nest is built near doors, you run the risk of being attacked.

What to do  – More From Experts in Pest Control in Dundalk

While birds can be beneficial around your home, you want them to build their nests away from the structure itself. When they do build on your porch, stoop, gutters or chimney, you can relocate them to a bush or tree nearby.

Discourage nest building on your house by enclosing areas they could build. Use gutter guards to prevent them from building in gutters. Place bird houses strategically around your lawn to encourage birds to nest in those.

If you find an abandoned nest, don’t leave it up. Old nests can be havens for insects such as mites, fleas and ticks.

A professional exterminator, such as Raven Termite and Pest Control can help relocate birds from your eaves to a more suitable location. Call Raven Termite and Pest Control today to move birds off your home and back into nature.

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