Birds bring joy to many people, whether as a family pet or flying in the wild. Some people love to welcome wild birds into their gardens by providing food and water. Unfortunately, some of these birds can become a nuisance and cause extensive damage if they decide to take up residence in or around your home. If birds are a problem for you and you are researching exterminators in Timonium, Cockeysville or the surrounding area, please read on.

Why Are Nesting Birds a Nuisance?

In particular, house sparrows can cause big problems for homeowners. During nesting season, these small and noisy birds will very often pack their nesting materials into dryer, fan and stove vents. Their nests may block up the vents completely, preventing their use or causing damage that requires repair. That’s not to mention the health risk that birds pose through their droppings and diseases they may carry.

Nesting sparrows can also be very noisy, especially at first light. While the thought of a family of birds nesting around your home may seem adorable at first, you might think differently when they wake you in the early hours of the morning with their loud chorus.

Preventing Sparrows from Nesting in Your Property

The best solution for any nuisance bird is to prevent them from nesting in your property in the first place. Installing vent covers ensures birds are unable to enter these areas while also allowing your vents to continue to work effectively. Before installing any covers, check first that no eggs or fledglings are present. House sparrows also like to build their nests in cracks and crevices, so block any areas around your property that might appeal to a nesting bird.

When to Call in the Exterminators

Nesting birds can pose a huge problem to homes and businesses. If you are experiencing a problem with house sparrows or any other species of bird, it may be quicker and more effective to call in the professionals. At Raven Termite and Pest Control our exterminators in Timonium, service the greater Baltimore area. We will work closely with you so that we can understand the problem and determine the most effective approach. With our help, many homes and businesses are now rid of nuisance birds and other wildlife. Don’t risk your health or your property. Contact our experienced team today to arrange an appointment.