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Raccoons? Call an Exterminator

Raccoons are an all too common pest living throughout suburban neighborhoods in our area and across the United States. Many times, raccoons are attracted to abandoned buildings or attics. If you are dealing with a raccoon problem and need professional exterminator in Elkridge, discover Raven Termite and Pest Control. Our experienced professionals can easily trap and remove raccoons while also helping you prevent future raccoon problems.

Raccoons Cause Problems for Homeowners

Damage Electrical System
Raccoons can cause a large amount of damage to your house if given a chance. Many times, you will deal with electrical problems due to raccoons chewing wires in your attic. Female raccoons often prefer to raise their babies in an attic due to the shelter. Contacting an experienced pest control service limits these damages to your home.
Raid Your Trash Can and Pet Food
Raccoons are well adapted to urban environments, and they are often known for raiding trash cans for food. Cleaning up the leftover trash from raccoons is always a frustrating and time-consuming experience. You may also notice that your food bowl for your dog is always empty. Unfortunately, raccoons can also transmit rabies and other illnesses to your dogs.
Insulation Problems
A raccoon can also eat your insulation and damage your ventilation system if it takes over your attic. Over time, this can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of damages to your home. Reaching out to a professional exterminator as soon as possible is critical in preventing raccoons from destroying your home.

Contact an Exterminator in Elkridge to Learn More

Raven Termite and Pest Control specializes in removing raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, and many other animals. We also provide pest control services for bed bugs, ants, roaches, and termites. Our primary goal is to keep your home pest-free by using the latest techniques in the industry. Feel free to contact us at any time you need a professional exterminator in Elkridge and the surrounding areas!

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