Opossum Pest Control for Homeowners

While they might look cute, in a toothy way, opossums aren\’t the cuddly animal that they appear. For many homeowners, these animals can be a real nuisance. Choose Raven Termite and Pest Control for the best pest control in Jessup, and beyond, to help you remove these animals before they bite someone or cause property damage.

Learn About Keeping Opossums Away

Opossums are nocturnal animals, about the size of a house cat. They\’re omnivorous, which means that they\’ll eat anything, including foraged food from a trash can or a compost pile. Opossums don\’t really have a certain territory, but rather will wander around and seek shelter where the can. This can include your garage, basement, your child\’s playhouse, or even a mailbox!
While opossums are resistant to rabies, which is a benefit if you get bitten, they\’re still unwelcome by most homeowners. Their foraging can be messy, and they can destroy areas by making nests for themselves and their offspring.
Opossums tend to migrate from place to place. Preventing them from taking up residence on your property means making food and shelter unavailable to them. Remove pet food after feeding your pets – don\’t leave it out overnight. Secure the lids to your trash cans or store them in a garage or shed. If you have a compost pile, consider putting it in a bin with a lid.

Why Choose a Pest Control Company to Remove Them?

Make sure that opossums can\’t gain access to your home and buildings by tightly securing doors and making sure windows are closed overnight. If they get in regardless of these steps, you may need to book services from pest control.
While opossums aren\’t overly aggressive – in fact, when challenged by a predator, they might \”play dead\” – removing them from your home, especially if it\’s a mother with babies, can be tricky. When cornered, a possum will hiss and can bite, which is why you need professional services and a pest-control tech familiar with safely removing animals.

The Best Pest Control In Jessup

Raven Termite and Pest Control can safely remove opossums from your home or property. Plus, we can survey your property and give you valuable instructions on how to prevent opossums from returning. Give us a call or visit us online – we even have emergency services! Click here to contact us.

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