Groundhog Hibernation Time is Near

Winter is coming soon, and while the colder temperatures may mean that some pests, like bugs, die out, other common suburban critters simply go underground. If you\’ve had problems with groundhogs in your yard, it might be time to schedule a call to your local pest control services in Reisterstown to make sure that they\’re eliminated before winter hits. At Raven Termite and Pest Control we handle wildlife pests for customers all over Baltimore County, including Reisterstown.

Groundhogs Hibernate in Winter

Unlike most animals that you see in the suburbs, groundhogs, like bears, hibernate in the wintertime. At hibernation time they\’ll typically dig a deep burrow – in your yard! Their body temperature and heart rates drop, and they sleep through the cold months. Their hibernation makes it difficult to know if you have a problem until they wake up in the springtime – and then they have babies, to boot!

Damage That Groundhogs Cause

Groundhogs can cause a lot of damage to your yard, and sometimes their digging even weakens a home\’s foundation. Their tunnels can cause depressions in the lawn. Plus, the holes can be dangerous trip hazards for both people and pets.
Additionally, groundhogs have a voracious appetite. They\’ll eat your landscaping, flowers and vegetable plants, leaving lots of damage behind. They can also carry disease, transmittable to your pets. The tunnels don\’t just damage your yard.  Groundhogs may also tunnel under your fence or storage shed, making the structures unstable.

Eliminating Groundhogs in Your Yard

Getting rid of groundhogs safely is a job for a professional pest control company. These animals need to be trapped, but their extensive burrows make it difficult to ensure that every animal has been caught. Professional exterminators also understand how to find the hidden entrances to the groundhog burrows and place the traps in the right place.

Raven Pest Control Works for You!

The professionals at Raven Termite and Pest Control have been trained to safely remove groundhogs and other nuisance wildlife from your home or property. We understand how these animals behave and the safest, most successful ways of eliminating them from your yard. We\’ve eradicated countless groundhogs and other pests. If you need pest control services in Reisterstown, or elsewhere in Baltimore County, contact us today for a free estimate.

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