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Bats? Pest Control Professionals Can Help!

A bat flying through the home can be a harrowing experience for any homeowner. Rest assured, usually the bat doesn’t want to be there either! Young bats typically enter homes by mistake. However, there is a chance that seeing one bat means that there is a colony nesting somewhere in your home. In that case, you need to call in a professional. Should you need pest control in Baltimore County, please read on to learn more about Raven Termite and Pest Control.

Why do Bats Come into Homes?

Bats prefer to live outdoors in hollow trees, but in lieu of that, will nest in homes. They select warm, dark attics to raise their young. Typically, bats find entrance points through holes and cracks or unscreened openings such as vents or windows. Since bats are nocturnal, they can live in attics or walls for long periods of time before the build-up of droppings alerts homeowners to their presence.
During the summer if you see a bat in your home it is a probably a young bat that, as mentioned above, mistakenly entered the house. First, be sure not to touch the bat or allow your pet to have contact with the bat as it may carry disease. Though it may be scary, you can probably handle this situation yourself. Close the bat into a room with an open window and it will find the way out. Should this not work, it may be time to call in a professional.

Getting Rid of a Bat Colony

Should you find that bats are nesting in your home it is important to remedy the situation as soon as possible. But, since bats are beneficial to the environment and some species are protected, specific steps must be taken to safely remove them from your home or building. Therefore, you must contact a company who is licensed for pest control in Baltimore County.
At Raven Termite and Pest Control we specialize in safely removing bats from properties of all sizes. We make sure that every bat is gone and help you identify where they entered the building so the problem won’t happen again. Contact us today for a free pest inspection.

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