Top Pest Control for Termites

Each year, termites cause countless dollars\’ worth of destruction throughout the world. Locally, termites can cause a lot of damage to your home in only a short amount of time. Unfortunately, they are nearly impossible to remove on your own. Reaching out to Raven Termite and Pest Control when you need professional pest control in Baltimore County is essential. Stop these insects before they cause widespread damage to your home and other structures!

Eliminating Termites from Your Home

One of the best ways to protect your home from termite damage is to contact pest control services to dig a trench around your house. Rodding is a technique often used by professionals to treat the soil further. These professionals will treat the soil with a termiticide to prevent future infestations while also killing the existing termites.
Wood Treatment
Another way to stay proactive is to treat wood and exposed lumber with specialized chemicals to prevent termite infestations. Surface treatments are highly effective, while injection into termite galleries is essential to combat an existing termite problem.
Drilling into the foundation of your home is another option to treat a termite infestation. A pest control company will eliminate your termite problem by placing the termiticide into the existing wood of your home through this drilling method.
Vapor Barrier System
A vapor barrier system plays a key role in preventing termites from entering the foundation of your home. Besides offering protection from termites, a vapor barrier system also protects your home from excess moisture.
Baiting Program
A pest control company can also bait termites with a slow-acting lethal substance. Baiting is usually a slower process, but it is also effective at eliminating termites.

Contact Professional Pest Control in Baltimore County for Termite Problems

Raven Termite and Pest Control offers a variety of pest control services for homeowners and businesses. We can help you take care of problems big or small, whether you are dealing with termites, bed bugs, ants, rodents, or much more. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, as we take pride in providing top-quality pest control services.
When you need professional pest control in Baltimore County, contact us for a free estimate!

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