It is common to find spiders in homes and most of them are not dangerous. However, let’s be honest many people don’t like spiders no matter where they are! Spiders that make their way inside frustrate homeowners with their webs and scare factor. If you notice spiders in your home and you need pest control in Pasadena, please read on. The pros at Raven Termite and Pest Control effectively take care of spiders, insects and other pests.

Common Spiders Found in Homes

The wolf spider, jumping spider, and brown recluse are a few common house spiders. Wolf spiders are large, brown, and harmless to humans unless you are allergic to them. Black, compact jumping spiders feature front legs longer than the others. They search for prey during the day and can be found on surfaces exposed to daylight. Brown recluse spiders are grey or black with an oval body and three pairs of eyes. Their dangerous bite requires medical attention.

Spiders compress their bodies to fit into small spaces. This means they squeeze their way into your home through any crack or crevice they find. To keep spiders at bay you should repair foundation damage, seal up cracks in the walls, repair window screens, and clean up debris. Your home foundation may naturally have cracks in it. These openings allow spiders to infest your basement or the crawlspace of your home. Finally, it’s likely that you have wires or cables going through the walls from the outside. Ensure that there’s a seal around those holes so spiders do not make their way through.

Do You Need Pest Control in Pasadena?

Spiders like to build webs in hidden locations. They can usually be found in corners where there is debris or insects. Clear out the webs and make sure to take care of any insects in your home to eliminate a spider’s food source.

If you suspect a spider infestation, don’t wait. Call Raven Termite and Pest Control. We are a fully licensed pest control company serving the Greater Baltimore & Washington D.C area. We offer detailed programs to control spiders, cockroaches, cicada killers, flies, bats, squirrels, mice and more! Click here for a free estimate!