Exterminators Battle Spider Infestations

We all know that spiders play a vital role keeping the numbers of problematic insects down. But let\’s be honest; we prefer them outside instead of in our house. The end of summer however, can see an infestation of arachnids as they wander indoors seeking warmer temperatures and hibernating spots. At Raven Termite and Pest Control, we are among the top exterminators in Howard County and the surrounding area. Read on to learn some signs that could indicate an eight-legged invasion in your home.

Common Maryland Spiders

In Maryland, several types of spider see your closets and basements as ideal spots to lay up for the colder weather. Most are not dangerous, but one or two do pose a threat. The following three are some of the ones we often find as unwelcome residents:
Cellar Spiders – Also known as Daddy Long Legs, these have a small brown body with long, spindly legs.
American House spider – Usually a yellowish-brown with a spotted abdomen. A good indicator is their webs; which look like the classic Halloween-type.
Black Widow – A striking glossy black, female Black Widows have a red hourglass shape on their abdomen. The males lack the red markings and are half the size. The only Maryland native that poses a threat to humans.

Keeping the Great Outdoors Out

As well as actually seeing spiders scuttle about, noticing more webs than usual can indicate a problem. Webs vary by species, some are orb or circular while others look like funnels. Don\’t forget though, not all spiders make webs! Likewise, the presence of white egg sacs. They contain on average about 100 little spiderlings each. Seeing these means there will soon be more around.
Preventing infestations means eliminating food and entry sources. Be sure to cover up any cracks, holes, or gaps in doors and windows. Fix torn window screens and cover vents.

Exterminators in Howard County

No matter the type of spider, you don\’t want them residing in your home. They can be difficult to eradicate by yourself, this is assuming you even want to! At Raven Termite and Pest Control we are experienced and highly trained in safely and effectively treating a spider infestation. Our professional exterminators in Howard County also provide effective rodent, roach and termite solutions. If you\’re experiencing a pest home invasion, click here to contact us for a free pest inspection.

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