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Winter Cold Brings Mice Inside

‘Tis the season for cold weather and unwanted animal house guests. Winter weather affects humans and animals. Animals, often rodents, will invade your home in search of a warm place to call home during the cold months. An exterminator in Columbia can help you get rid of these pests and help you prevent them from coming in again.

Hiring an Exterminator in Columbia

Hiring an exterminator in Columbia can get rid of mice, rats, raccoons, and other rodents that seek your home as a warm haven during the winter. Exterminators have the skills and equipment to remove these animals from your home safely.
You may think you can create a trap and magically catch these rodents, which is not impossible, but not always a good idea. Rodents carry a variety of diseases and pose different health concerns, and they should only be handled by professionals. Regardless of how cute a rodent appears, they can damage your home and leave behind expensive repairs. A lot of the time, mice, rats, and raccoons are looking for a warm place to nest. Once they have their babies, they will become protective over their young, which makes these pests even more dangerous.

How to Tell if You Have Unwanted Pests in Your Home

There are different signs that let you know your home is infested with rodents. Raccoons will often get into your trash and leave it around your home and in your yard. Mice and rats will leave behind little dropping that resembles ground pepper and an oily substance on the items they come in contact with around your home. If you have a mouse or rat infestation, you will notice a foul musty odor coming from the place in your home where they nest.
Other signs of an infestation are dime-size holes in the wall, little bites from food, noises, and sightings. One mouse, rat, raccoon, or other rodents are unheard of because they often travel in groups. If you see one, there are more nearby. When you see a rodent or notice droppings, call a professional exterminator in Columbia to get rid of these pests before an infestation destroys your home.
If unwanted pests are giving you a problem, Raven Termite and Pest Control are at your service. We specialize in residential and commercial pest solutions. Contact us today to receive your free estimate.

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