When Businesses Need Pest Control for Rodents

Despite their size, rodents impact businesses in a big way. In fact, there have been studies that focus on the economic impact pests can have on businesses. For those who are looking for pest control in Dundalk, and beyond, Raven Termite and Pest Control is here to help. Please read on to learn more.

Why Businesses Should Worry About Pest Control

Businesses have countless reasons to worry about a pest problem.
Room to Hide
Pests are an issue for all types of businesses. For example, warehouses and large buildings provide plenty of space and forgotten areas where rats and mice love to hide. Even smaller businesses, such as restaurants, have many tempting nooks and crannies for vermin. As many companies don’t operate 24/7, rodents are free to run around and cause problems during non-operating hours.
Rodents cause damage to stored materials and inventory, often forcing business owners to throw out thousands of dollars worth of items and replace them. Or, they can chew through wires and appliances, resulting in expensive appliance repairs or replacements.
Lost Revenue
Some businesses can be forced to shut down when rodents are discovered. These are days when you’re paying for rent and salary employees’ wages but don’t have any revenue coming in as you had to halt operations.
If a customer sees a rodent, they can write a bad review online or tell their friends. Pests also spread diseases, which can make employees and customers sick. This can have irreparable damage to a business, causing them to lose a loyal customer base.

How to Identify a Pest Infestation

The first step to pest control is determining you have a problem. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency businesses should watch out for telltale signs of rat and mouse infestations. Some of the most common signs are:

  • Rodent droppings around food or in a sink area
  • Signs of chewing on food packages
  • Signs of a nesting spot
  • Holes chewed through walls
  • Stale smells coming from hidden areas

Steps After Identifying a Pest Infestation

Take steps to prevent future infestations by sealing up any entryways to the building, keeping all food stored in airtight containers, and moving items around frequently to eliminate nesting areas.
If you already have a rodent problem, it’s time to call professional pest control right away.

Pest Control in Dundalk from Raven Termite and Pest Control

Raven Termite and Pest Control provides top quality pest control in Dundalk and the greater Baltimore area. We handle all of your pest control needs, including rodents, bed bugs, ants, termites, roaches, and more. At Raven Termite and Pest Control, we have the equipment and experience to handle pest problems of any size, for residential or commercial clients. Contact us today for an estimate on your pest control needs.

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