See a Rat? Call Rodent Control in Baltimore

Rats are one of the most common nuisances that businesses and homeowners must deal with on a constant basis. Norway rats can cause significant structural damage while also posing as a health risk. Norway rats originally came to America in the 1700s and continue to thrive throughout the United States. These rats have poor vision and are color blind. However, Norway rats have a keen sense of smell, hearing, and taste. Thankfully Raven Termite and Pest Control offers rodent control in Baltimore. Treatment plans from a professional is essential to eliminate these pests and create a much safer environment in your business or home.

Why are Rats Such a Public Nuisance?

Rats are one of the worst public nuisances due to their ability to easily spread diseases and filth. Plus, rats must constantly keep their growing teeth trimmed. Therefore, they gnaw on everything and they can cause significant damage by chewing on wood, wiring, and plastic. Rodent-borne diseases easily spread to humans through bite wounds or breathing in dust contaminated by rodent droppings. Taking the extra time to prevent rodent infestation is essential in creating a clean environment at your home or business.

How to Prevent Rodents from Living in Your Home or Business

One of the best ways to prevent rodents from infesting your location is by removing all food sources from inside or outside of your home or business. Using metal trash cans with tight-fitting lids is essential to prevent rats from gaining access to your trash. Always throw away left-over food and keep your house clean is another effective way to prevent rats from living in your home.

Contact Professional Rodent Control in Baltimore for More Information

Reach out to a company that specializes in rodent control in Baltimore to eliminate rodents and other pests. Raven Termite and Pest Control has over 18 years of experience in helping homes and businesses remain pest free. We use the latest practices in the industry to completely remove these pests, as we are certified with the Maryland Department of Agriculture. We understand the importance of serving each client efficiently and effectively without sacrificing safety. Our pest control services always use Eco-friendly solutions, and we are available for same-day service.
Contact us today for a free estimate  or to learn more about rodent control in Baltimore!
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