Do Mice Return Outdoors in Warmer Weather?

Mice can be a huge problem for homes and businesses. As a result, we receive many calls for pest control in Baltimore City from both domestic and commercial clients. Not only can mice cause extensive damage, but they can also carry diseases, some of which are harmful to humans.
It is common for people to associate mice infestations with the colder months. That makes sense; mice will naturally seek warmth indoors during fall and winter. But does that also mean that they will go outside when the warmer weather comes around?

Mice Infestations: A Year-Round Problem

Imagine it’s a scorching hot day and the sun is beating down. Just like humans, mice will seek out shelter and shade to keep cool. This may mean they choose to build their nests in places where they feel more comfortable in the heat. From attics and basements to vents and other secluded and shady spots, their new residence could just end up being in your home. If your home is set up with all the things they need (food, water, shade in the summer, heat during the winter, etc.) they won’t have any reason to leave.

How to Prevent Mice Taking Up Residence

Keeping mice out of your home during warmer weather means following the same principles you might use during the winter. These precautions and measures include:

  • Looking for obvious openings that could allow mice access to your property.
  • Caulking or repairing any gaps in door frames and windowsills.
  • Replacing torn or damaged window screens.
  • Replacing damaged weatherstripping around windows and doors.
  • Clearing away crumbs and any other food debris from the floor and surfaces.
  • Removing their food source. Keep food in plastic containers where possible.
  • Avoiding leaving dirty dishes on surfaces or around the home.
  • Channeling water away from your home and eliminating water sources. Clean full gutters and fix leaking pipes and faucets.

Call the Experts for Pest Control in Baltimore City

Don’t lose your cool over mice this spring and summer. At Raven Termite and Pest Control, we offer effective and professional pest control in Baltimore City and beyond. We eradicate mice and stop them from entering your home no matter what the season. Contact us today!

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