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Get Rid of Rats With Tips from the Pros

Mice are a common problem in most areas. They can be spotted in rural as well as urban parts of town. They are so tiny you can almost have them anywhere there’s food. Rats, however, are a different story. These large, aggressive rodents are a major problem in large cities across the country. Where there’s garbage and leftover food, there’s rats. If you live near a restaurant, an expressway or a cemetery, you are going to increase the odds of having them in your home. Learn more from local exterminators in Glen Burnie on how to spot a rat infestation, and what to do if you have one.

Signs of a Rat Infestation

You will begin to find that rats are leaving traces of their presence in your home. Common clues such as rat droppings, chewed wood, and dead rats can be spotted.
Another blatant bit of evidence is the level of noise they make. If you’ve ever experienced even one rat lurking somewhere within your home, you’ll notice one thing: rats are not quiet. They are, in fact, very noisy and can be heard rustling around in your cabinets, pawing through your trash, and scratching and squealing inside your walls at night. There’s a danger in that they can carry disease and chew through your electrical wires, thus resulting in an outage or an electrical fire. If you do think you have them, don’t panic.  No matter how bad it gets, you can get rid of rats and keep them out.

Eliminating the Problem

As the winter months approach, your odds of getting rats in your home will increase. These pesky rodents are very smart and will go anywhere that’s warm where humans live. But there are ways to eliminate the problem and keep it at bay. One is to set traps about the home.
There are two types of rat traps available: the live trap, and the classic snap trap. The live trap uses a trap door which allows the rat to enter without killing the rat. Bait such as cheese is advised. The same holds true for the classic snap trap, except the intent is to kill the rat rather than luring it in. Another method is poison, which is ill-advised for homes with pets and small children.

Contact an Exterminator in Glen Burnie

If you’ve tried all of the above but nothing seems to work, an exterminator in Glen Burnie can help. Raven Termite can eliminate rats fast. Contact us today.

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