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Diseases Rodents Can Carry

Mice and rats aren’t just nuisances, they can be harmful to you and your family’s health. Rodents are known to carry diseases that spread to people through rodent saliva, feces or urine. Pets and humans can get sick from a rodent bite or by consuming food contaminated with rodent waste. Get in touch with an exterminator in Glen Burnie if you suspect a rodent infestation in your home.

Signs of an Infestation

Watch out for any gnaw marks or rodent droppings as they are common signs of a rodent infestation. Look inside your cabinets and other out-of-reach areas for droppings. If you see droppings, consider cleaning the area and checking it again for any signs of infestation. When you see new signs of droppings, there is an infestation in your home.

Rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits can carry leptospirosis, hantavirus, salmonella, and choriomeningitis. Pet hamsters, rabbits, mice and guinea pigs can also cause rat bite fever, salmonellosis, monkeypox and some of the diseases mentioned above. Other diseases spread by rodents include Lassa fever, tularemia, sylvatic typhus and hemorrhagic fever. To protect your family, get in touch with a professional to remove these pests from your home.

How To Avoid Catching Diseases

One of the most effective ways to prevent a rodent infestation and avoid catching diseases from them is to remove all water and food sources, as both provide shelter for rats or mice. If you have leftovers, put them in the fridge or dispose of them properly to avoid rodents in the kitchen.

When cleaning areas with rodent urine or feces, wear gloves and always wear your hands right after cleaning. For surfaces contaminated with urine, use a solution of bleach and water to clean the surface or an antibacterial solution. Vaccinate your pets against leptospirosis, and when there are leaks in your basement, wear protective footwear to avoid acquiring leptospirosis yourself.

Contact an Exterminator in Glen Burnie

Exterminators are professionals equipped with the right tools and experience to eliminate rodents in your homes or offices. Get in touch with  if you’re seeing signs of rodent infestation on your property. You can protect yourself and your family from acquiring diseases from rodents by working with a trusted and reliable exterminator. Are you looking for an exterminator in Glen Burnie, contact Raven Termite & Pest Control today for a free estimate.

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