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Rodent Control Prevents Squirrel Damage

Squirrels can be fun animals to watch as they chase each other across yards and up trees, but once they enter your house the appeal quickly fades. Squirrels are able to gnaw through a large variety of materials and, if you are not careful, that can include the construction materials of your home. Once inside, they can damage your home, insulation, wiring, and leave behind their urine and feces. Thus, the best way to keep them cute and amusing is to keep them outside. If you suspect squirrels in your home and need rodent control in Baltimore, or the surrounding area, please read on.

Signs Squirrels are in Your Home

Sometimes you may hear squirrels running through the walls or across the ceiling of your home. Other times, the signs are not as obvious. If you hear sounds in the attic or elsewhere then start looking for squirrel droppings. This is usually the most glaring indication. Additionally, inspect the exterior of your home looking for chew marks on the shingles, fascia boards, or other wooden building materials. Don’t underestimate squirrels, because like most rodents, they are able to squeeze through very tight openings that appear smaller than their bodies. Any hole you spot could be a potential squirrel entry point.

How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Home

Walk outside and inspect your walls and roof carefully. Use a ladder and a flashlight to look up under the eaves, in ridges, and across any soffits that you may otherwise miss. If there are any vents in your home, check them carefully because these are prime areas for entry along with roof vents and chimneys. If you find a hole, make sure that you patch them with hardware cloth, sheet metal, or plywood. While you are at it, the San Francisco Gate advises that you trim back any tree branches that are within 8 feet of your house so that squirrels can’t access your home.

Suspect Squirrels? Call in Rodent Control

While inspecting your home, if you find any signs of squirrels then it is time to call in rodent control. Squirrels are crafty animals, and even if you think you have a sealed home, many times they will still weasel in. Due to the fact that squirrels can cause damage and destroy your home, if you have a suspicion squirrels are already in your home then contact Raven Termite and Pest Control for assistance right away. We provide pest and rodent control in the Baltimore area. Acting quickly may mean the difference between expensive damage and simple pest removal.

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