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How to Handle a Rodent Problem

The thought of rats or mice living in your home will generally give you the creeps. They aren’t something you want to see running around your house, nor do most people want to solve the problem themselves. You will usually know if you have a rodent problem before you see them. That’s because you’ll hear them and spot their droppings. At that point, it’s a good idea to call your exterminator in Severna Park, or the surrounding areas.

An Exterminator in Severna Park Says Keeping Rodents Out Is the Best Solution

Your starting point is to try to determine how the rodents are entering your home. The obvious access points are cracked foundations, cracks in a door, damaged drains, and open spaces around vents. Inside the home look at gaps around plumbing, vents, and where your appliances are connected to outside vents or gas lines. Your exterminator in Severna Park knows where to look for these access points.
These openings should be sealed with caulk, steel wool, or cement. Don’t have them sealed and forget about them. Check the repairs every few months to make certain the fix is still working.
The next step is to make sure the area around your home is cleaned up and free of clutter. Rats and mice love to make a nest in clutter around the outside of homes. Also, keep your garbage cans sealed.

Deal With the Rodents Inside Your Home Quickly

Rodents carry a variety of diseases, including the hantavirus and Salmonella. Hantavirus is number one on the list because it can damage your kidneys, cause respiratory disease, and, in some cases, be fatal. The diseases caused by rodents are spread only by bites. Exposure to urine, fecal matter or simple touch can result in an illness. Keep in mind the bubonic plague was spread throughout the world by rats, so while this isn’t a current threat it goes to show what an impact rodent germs can have.
Another problem with rodents in your home is the damage they can cause to your electrical wiring and to your possessions. Rodents spend most of their lives chewing on things and this includes wires. Damage caused by frayed wires can be substantial and can result in fire.

Contact Your Exterminator in Severna Park Right Away

Don’t delay in dealing with a rodent problem, as it can quickly become an electrical or health problem. Contact Raven Termite and Pest Control today for a FREE estimate.

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