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Differentiating a Mole vs. a Vole

You have moles digging in your lawn and destroying everything. Or are they voles? Did you even know there were two underground rodents potentially destroying your yard? Raven Termite and Pest Control, a top exterminator in Ellicott City is at your service. Read on to learn more about identifying and differentiating moles from voles.

Characteristics of a Mole vs. a Vole

At first glance, a mole and a vole look very similar. They resemble a mouse in many ways, including body shape and size, but the mole’s eyes and ears are much harder to see. That’s because it spends more time underground. Moles also have bigger front feet, which they use to dig its tunnels through the ground.
Voles do burrow underground as well, but they spend more time above ground.
Despite their slight difference in appearance, the main difference between a mole and a vole is their diet. Moles eat meat, which means worms, grubs, and other insects. Voles eat vegetables, so they’re more likely to snack on your garden and landscaping.
However, just because moles don’t eat vegetables doesn’t mean their tunnels won’t be used by other rodents who do. While you may think they’re cute, these rodents are pests who will destroy your yard. Besides leaving dirt mounds everywhere, they can dig up tree roots, uproot gardens, and more.
This is why it’s important to diagnose the issue and call for pest control as soon as you notice a problem.

Find the Best Exterminator in Ellicott City

We’ve been in the pest control business for years and are the most experienced exterminators in Ellicott City and beyond. We can diagnose your yard to determine if you have moles, voles, groundhogs, squirrels, raccoons, or other rodents or pests.
Depending on the type of rodent, we’ll set bait traps to help you catch and eliminate it. We are a full-service pest control company that can rid any home, apartment, or commercial building of all manner of pests. We’re affiliated with the National Pest Management Association and provide a free pest inspection at your home or business.
Call Raven Termite and Pest Control today to learn how to get rid of the moles and voles from your garden. Our professional consultants will schedule a free inspection to learn your exact needs.

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