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Cold Weather Brings Mice Indoors

While winter banishes lots of unwanted pests like mosquitoes, it’s also the time of year when mice scurry to move indoors. Mice and other rodents begin looking for a warm place to nest, particularly if that space doubles as a food and water source. If you suspect that you have a rodent problem, you’ll want to hire professional exterminators in Bel Air to ensure that a small infestation doesn’t turn into a large one. With effective pest control, you can eliminate rodents from your residential or commercial space.

Do You Have Mice?

Unfortunately, seeing one mouse is typically a sign that more of these critters are hiding nearby. Mice are social creatures. They nest together and a few mice quickly become many in a short period of time. Of course, witnessing a mouse isn’t the only way to identify a mice infestation. You might need to contact a professional pest control company if you note:

  • Droppings. Mouse droppings are shaped like grains of rice and measure about an 1/8 inch long.
  • Rub marks. Mice can leave grease stains along walls and baseboards where they run from their nest to their food or water source.
  • Odor. Mice produce a strong-smelling urine that can quickly alert residential or commercial property owners to their presence.
  • Damaged food boxes. Mice like to gnaw and chew. It’s not uncommon for them to chew through cereal and cracker boxes in their quest to find food.

Preventing an Infestation

There are some steps you can take to prevent mice from entering your home in winter. First, keep trash cans well away from your home or business. The scent of food will draw them and prompt them to look for a nearby warm place to nest. Inside your home orbusiness, be sure to clean up crumbs and spills quickly. Next, perform an inspection of your foundation. Mice can get into openings that are roughly the size of a quarter. Be sure to seal cracks and use concrete or metal mesh (rodents can chew through caulk) to patch up holes. Finally, be sure you have no leaks that mice can view as a water source.
If you have mice, don’t waste time with old fashioned traps that are not always effective. Instead, contact Raven Termite and Pest Control to tackle the problem quickly and professionally.

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