Wondering What Type of Rodent You are Dealing With?

Are you dealing with some kind of rodent in your home? You’ve seen some droppings. You noticed something run across the room. You see holes in bags in the pantry. And you’ve heard noises in the night when no one is moving around the home. But what kind of rodent are you dealing with and how can you get rid of it? We offer Pest Control in Glen Burnie and can help you with the options and assessments.

Preventing Pests

Before you get into a situation where you are trying to determine what kind of rodent you are dealing with in your home, it’s best to prevent them from getting in in the first place. Keep the crumbs at bay with regular counter and floor cleaning sessions after meals. Keep your food in tight containers that can’t easily be breached. Watch your home for even small holes where rodents might be able to get through.

Types Of Rodents- More From Experts in Pest Control in Glen Burnie

The most common type of home rodents are mice (of many different sorts), rats, and bats. You don’t want any of these pests in the home as they can chew on wires and cause fire hazards. They also carry diseases and can damage many different areas of the home. When you have a few of one kind of rodent in the home, they can easily multiply quickly and cause a huge infestation. When you notice any sign of any rodent, you need to figure out what you are dealing with and get it out as soon as you can.

Getting Pest Control Glen Burnie To Help

If you notice droppings, see chew marks, have gnawed food packages, or see other signs of rodents coming into your home, it’s best to get the problem addressed sooner rather than later. The professionals  can assess the situation and give you answers as to which rodent you are dealing with as well as plans that can help you to rid of the problem. Contact us today.

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