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The Three Most Common Winter Pests

While the cold winter winds may send a lot of summer pests into hiding, it also unleashes many more onto your home. There are a lot of pests that may cause problems during the winter months, and frankly, no one likes pests in their home. However, there are a few pests that cause more damage during the winter months than others. The following is a quick look at some of the most common winter pests and what you can do about any invading your home. Pest control in Severna Park is essential to keeping your home safe and pest-free.

Pesky Rodents

One of the top reasons that people have to call for pest control in Severna Park is because of mice and rat invaders. It doesn’t take too much of a crack for a mouse or rat to squeeze into your home. Rodents commonly enter your home via damaged roof tiles, attic holes, air vents, or open chimneys. They are very clever, so if you can’t figure out how they continue to sneak in, it may be time to speak to a professional.

Sneak Squirrels – More From Professionals in Pest Control in Severna Park

While squirrels technically qualify as rodents, they are much larger, which means they can cause larger problems. Squirrels commonly sneak into homes via the chimney or attic and can quickly eat wood and wires, and leave behind a large number of feces. Sometimes they can even make a nest and have their babies in your home, which presents a new suite of problems.

Winged Animals

While no one wants to deal with rodents, absolutely no one wants to deal with winged animals. An animal running by you is not half as intimidating as an animal that flies past you. However, bats and birds both sneak into homes during the winter months, searching for warmer temperatures. They often get in via chimneys that are not sealed with caps and through small openings near your windows or between door and window frames. Broken window screens can also allow them to slip into your windows.

Get Help With Pest Control in Severna Park

Regardless of whether you have one invader or an entire host of pests to deal with, if you need pest control in Severna Park, Raven Termite can help. Contact us today to get help with your winter pests.

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