Stop Damage Caused by Carpet Beetles

Have you ever dug clothing from the back of the closet, only to find that something had made a meal of them? How does this happen? The truth is, when you leave some clothing in storage for an extended time, it can become a home for pests. In order to fight the infestation and win, you must first identify the culprit. That\’s where the professionals come into the story. Only a professional can properly identify and eradicate the pests lurking in your home or business. When you need qualified pest control in Columbia, or beyond, look no further than Raven Termite & Pest Control.

Carpet Beetles or Clothing Moths?

When you see holes eaten in your clothing, you may assume you have clothing moths. What you may actually have is a carpet beetle infestation. So how do they get into your clothing? Adult carpet beetles can fly, and feed on pollen from flowers, then come in through windows in the spring. They then lay their eggs in wool clothing, carpet, and out-of-the-way spaces that are concealed and undisturbed, laying about 50 – 100 eggs at a time. Soon, the area is infested with carpet beetle larvae.

Damage Caused by Carpet Beetle Larvae

It\’s only the carpet beetle larvae that cause damage to fabrics. Carpet beetle larvae eat dried animal products, making clothing made of wool, hair, fur, felt, and feathers a perfect meal. They are repelled by light and dig down deep into these materials when feeding. They don\’t eat synthetic fabrics, unless they are stained by sweat or urine. However, immature carpet beetles will feed on wool-synthetic blends and tend to be found under big furniture that is rarely moved, along baseboards, and in drawers and storage areas that aren\’t used much.

Professional Pest Control in Columbia

Only a pest control professional can identify what your pest problem is and the best way to eliminate carpet beetles and other damaging pests. For comprehensive pest control in Columbia and all over Howard County, trust Raven Termite & Pest Control. We offer residential and commercial control solutions for general pests and insects, termites, and wildlife pests, including squirrels, birds, bats, groundhogs, raccoons, and rodents.
Contact us today at Raven Termite & Pest Control to learn more about our wide array of pest control services.

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