Squirrels Are Nuts. How Do You Keep Them Away?

Squirrels can be cute and fun to watch, but these positive attributes go only so far. Having them in your yard can be a burden. In Maryland, four types of these creatures are common: gray, red, flying, and fox. The flying and gray varieties tend to be the ones breaking into homes and causing the most headaches. Fortunately, pest control in Ellicott City can help.

Squirrel Habits and Threats

If your yard is home to mature trees, it likely is also home to lots of squirrels. The creatures like to bunk in older trees and usually find food there, too. January and June are when squirrels breed. They might be even noisier than usual then. Squirrels can be threats to your home, yard, and tranquility because:

  • Some gnaw their way into attics, potentially causing considerable damage. Fires and electrical problems can result.
  • Squirrels tend to munch on the fruits and veggies you’ve worked hard to grow in your garden.
  • Squirrels can leave holes in your yard when they dig up nuts. The holes are unsightly and fall/tripping hazards.
  • Their talking, \”barking,\” and \”quacking\” are too loud for people sometimes.

Squirrel Prevention in Your Home- More From Professionals in Pest Xontrol in Ellicott City

If mature trees surround your home, focus your efforts on keeping squirrels out of your house (versus your yard). Chances are that squirrels will flock to your yard no matter what. You can make sure they do not breach your home, though.
For instance, screen, repair, or close up the various entrances to your home. Trim back tree branches near your roof to reduce squirrels’ access to your property.
You do have options to reduce the number of squirrels in your yard, although they won’t disappear. You could change to squirrel-proof bird feeders and eliminate food gardens and other food sources. When acorns and nuts fall to the ground, rake them before squirrels get to them.

Get in Touch with Raven Termite for Squirrel Pest Control in Ellicott City

For help containing the squirrels in your yard and preventing their access to your home, contact Raven Termite and Pest Control today. We offer pest control in Ellicott City and can prevent squirrel issues before they occur or help if you already have issues.

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