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Say Bye to Cluster Flies

Renters, home and business owners are no strangers to pests in their buildings. One particular pest is the cluster fly. You may have noticed them flying around your home in the winter months. But what are cluster flies, and how to you get them out of your space? You can utilize the professional services of Raven Termite and Pest Control, leading pest control services in Hyattsville.

What are Cluster Flies?

Sometimes known as attic flies, these large, sluggish insects can usually be seen in the winter months. They become more active on warmer winter days and are known to move into your living quarters during the cold months to escape the harshness of winter.

Where do Cluster Flies Live? Learn More From Pest Control in Hyattsville

Because they are trying to escape the winter elements, cluster flies will congregate in attics, around windowsills, under eaves, and in sheds. If they can find an opening, they will also inhabit the space between the inner and outer walls of your home. When spring arrives, they will migrate back outdoors and are more noticeable on the sunny side of homes.

How to Keep Cluster Flies Out of Your Home

The first defense against cluster flies is blocking their entry into your home. If you see any cracks in your siding, foundation, under eaves, or around windows, seal those. This will not only prevent the cluster flies from coming into your home, but it will also save you on electric and heating bills. If you see them in your house, you can easily swat them with a flyswatter because they are sluggish. Their sluggishness also makes it easy to vacuum them up and toss them outside; however, make sure you have closed off points of entry before doing this to keep them from coming back in. Third, you can utilize the professional services of Raven Termite and Pest Control to utilizing pesticides to eliminate the insects. Any chemical control techniques should be completed by a professional exterminator.
If you are noticing cluster flies in your home this upcoming winter, contact us to set up an appointment to rid your home of pests. Raven Termite and Pest Control offers pest control in Hyattsville and the surrounding areas!

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