Preparing Your Pantry to Be Pest Free

Pests of many different kinds love your pantry. They could live in there indefinitely and have quite the feast. If you don’t want them there–and who does–you have to set the pantry up in the right manner to be pest free. Here are a few tips from professionals who offer pest control services in Columbia that can help you out.

Store Things Properly

Of course you’re going to have food in your pantry, but there are ways to store things to keep pests out. Use plastic containers that you can seal instead of boxes or bags that pests might be able to get through. They’re reusable, convenient, and can keep the pests from getting the food. If the bugs can’t eat, they won’t move in.

Clean The Crumb- more from experts in pest control services in Columbia

Everyone is going to get crumbs on the floor at some point, but you don’t want to be lazy about cleaning them up if you want the pests to stay away. Clean crumbs from the floors and keep the pantry shelving clean as well. Tiny crumbs can feed quite a few pests so it’s best to clean and disinfect regularly.

Keep Up With Dates

While pests are going to enjoy any food they can get to, food, once it starts to spoil, will attract them even faster. Keep an eye on food expiration dates and make sure you get rid of the things that are starting to go bad before they attract the wrong kind of attention.

Sprinkle Cinnamon

The scent of cinnamon repels common pests, like ants. Sprinkle some of that around the pantry and that will help you to keep the ants and other bugs away from that scent alone.

Finding Pest Control Services in Columbia

Another option is to have professional pest control services in Columbia. Invite the experts from Raven Termite to your home to assess the situation. We can help you prevent pests with regular services or, if there is already an issue, we can eradicate the pests and then prevent them from coming in again. We offer free estimates for any services you might want to have.

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