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Prepare for Your Home Inspection with a Termite Expert

Buying a new house is a major milestone in a person’s life, but before you put in an offer on a house, it is important to do a full home inspection. A key part of your home owner inspection a termite inspection.  In most states, including Maryland, termite inspections are mandatory during real estate transactions. Similarly, to qualify for government loans such as FHA or VA loans, a proof of a termite inspection is required. read on to learn more about termites from your local pest control in Bowie and surrounding Maryland areas.
Purchasing a house with a termite infestation is a risky and a costly affair. According to the National Pest Management Association, every year, Americans spend approximately $5 billion on termite control and on repairs to their home from termite damage. If the home has a termite infestation, the foundation of the new house could also be weak as termites consume the structural wood of the house.

Main damages caused by Termites

  • Foundation Damage: Termites reside in the soil and their main source of food is wood. These termites construct tunnels to access nearby wooden structures. Once they reach a property’s foundation, they can eat away the wood, leaving the house crumbling or structurally very weak.
  • Damage to the wall and attic: This damage is caused by drywood termites. Drywood termites live above the ground, so they can be found in trees or nearby wood piles. When they find their way inside the house, they like to make the walls and attics their home. Walls, attics or wood furniture infested with drywood termites may look fine from the outside but it’s disintegrated within.
  • Damage to the wood around the windows and doors: This is also caused by drywood termites.

To avoid purchasing a home with these damages, potential buyers should prioritize a termite inspection. A termite inspection can also help prevent infestations in the future should you purchase the property.  A home inspector will conduct a general home inspection that typically does not focus on termites, so it’s important to seek one out specifically.
A professional termite inspector has the experience to thoroughly evaluate the property and spot signs of infestation, structural damage, and even detect if there were previous termite treatments, which indicate previous infestations.

What to expect from the Termite Inspection?

A termite inspection is usually a visual inspection, where the inspector looks for signs of termite activity, which can include: maze patterns on wood surfaces, termite droppings, broken wings, mud tubes, termite exit holes and damaged wood. The following areas are included in the inspection:

  • The interior of the house, where the inspector will check floors, walls, windows frames, door frames, insides of closets, cabinets and all wood surfaces.
  • The foundation of the house, here the inspector will check for mud tubes.
  • Basement, attics, garages and crawlspaces
  • Exterior walls and gutters
  • The surroundings of the house including trees, stumps or any building located within 3 feet of the house

At the end of the inspection, the inspector will provide a written report detailing any potential damage, the level of the damage, and recommend the best pest control in Bowie. Usually, the seller pays for the pest treatment and repairs. Once the damages are fixed, the property may still be worth considering.

Get in Touch with Raven Termite for Pest Control in Bowie

For a comprehensive termite inspection it is always better to engage the professionals. At Raven Termite and Pest control, all our technicians are licensed termite inspectors and knowledgeable about structural/wood damage. They are trained to uncover termite activity and spot even the slightest signs of the pests.
Contact us today to schedule a termite inspection and free consultation.

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