Pest Control to Eliminate a Gnat Infestation

Tired of dealing with gnats in your yard or inside your home? Are you looking for pest control in Forest Hill, and the surrounding areas, so that you can rid your home or yard of pests? Gnats, while harmless, can be a very frustrating issue that prevents you from enjoying your time outside.
Also known as Order Diptera in Latin, a gnat is a tiny long-legged fly that resembles a mosquito. Gnats usually fly in swarms. In addition to that, some have biting characteristics while others don’t.
There are various types of gnats, including fungus gnats and dark-winged fungus gnats. Fungus gnats breed in moist soil. Overwatering plants in our gardens supports the growth of fungi which the larvae feed on to survive. On the other hand, dark-winged fungus gnats usually thrive in wooded areas, and we can notice its larvae, which move in snake-like masses, in our yards.

Causes of Gnat Infestations in Homes – Find Pest Control in Forest Hill Today!

Some of the moist breeding grounds for gnats include over-watering gardens and potted plants in our homes, garbage cans, water puddles in the kitchen or outdoor spaces, condensation around windows, and food spillage.
Decaying Organic Material
We can find fungus gnats around rotting flowers and plants in our yards. To survive, these insects feed on a wide range of organisms, including compost, mold, fungus, and moss.
Just like flies, gnats find it hard to fly in the dark. It makes them swarm around our well-decorated chandeliers and security lights which can become a nuisance.

Dangers of Gnat Infestations

Although some gnats species are considered harmless, they can carry pathogens with them when they fly from their unsanitary living spaces. When they sneak into our homes, they land on our leftover foods and clean dishes, putting our health at risk. Some of the species have biting females, including the black gnat.

Home Remedies To Eliminate Gnat Infestations

Before seeking professional help, or while you are waiting for your pest control appointment, you can try to eliminate gnats by regulating the amount of water for plants, removing dead materials on top of the soil in our gardens, keeping food in the refrigerator, and covering our trash cans tightly.

Get a Company That Handles Pest Control In Forest Hill and Get Rid of Your Gnat Problem Today!

Seek help from a reliable company that deals with pest control in Forest Hill, and the surrounding areas. Raven Termite and Pest Control has certified and skilled professionals that offer a wide array of solutions. Get in touch today to get a free estimate.

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