Pest Control for Your Rental Property

When it comes to your rental properties, it’s crucial that they be free of insects and rodents. Not only do pests disrupt the tenants’ lives, but they invade the space and decreases the value of your property. In fact, in most states, it’s legally required that you maintain pest-free rental properties. Ensuring a pest-free rental encourages your tenants to renew their leases which means you won’t have to worry about a vacancy. If your rental property needs pest control services in Sykesville, call on Raven Termite and Pest Control.

Tips for Rental Property Owners to Keep Pests Away

Throughout the United States, rodents, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, ticks, fleas, flies, and silverfish are the most common pests landlords must deal with. Pests are attracted to standing water, lingering garbage and food, and openings in pipes and walls. The first step in preventing infestations is to educate your tenants. Inform them that regularly throwing away their trash, cleaning counters and sweeping floors, keeping food sealed, making sure the garbage bins have lids, and notifying you of standing water around the property will keep the pests at bay.
Next, regularly visit and inspect the property. Are there any cracks in the foundation? Are the garbage lids closed? Is the sump pump working? Is there clutter or trash around the common areas? Since mice can squeeze through very tiny cracks and openings, you’ll want to repair any openings immediately. If you have dumpsters near your property, they must have lids since rodents are attracted to food and exposed garbage. Sump pumps must be in good condition because they can carry waste and water into your property and that water will attract pests. Lastly, schedule regular pest control services by a professional exterminator. They have the long-term solutions to keep your property pest-free. Raven Termite and Pest Control offers pest control services in Sykesville and the surrounding areas.

Looking for Pest Control Services Sykesville?

Raven Termite and Pest Control is a pest control company with over 18 years of experience and we serve the Washington D.C and Greater Baltimore areas. Whether you have cockroaches, silverfish, bed bugs, or mice, we have a pest control solution for you. Click here for a free estimate!

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