Pest Control Can Eliminate Indian Meal Moths

Unfortunately, insect infestation is a problem that many people deal with in their homes. Indian meal moths make their way into a home through contaminated dry goods. The moths stow away in packages as eggs that evade detection during milling or packaging. They may also enter your home through open doors and windows, plumbing lines, openings around dryer vents, and cracks in the structure of your home. If you suspect moths in your home, or need pest control in Montgomery County and the surrounding area, we are here to help.

What are the Signs of Pantry Moths?

You likely have pantry moths if you notice webbing in the dark corners of your cupboard, packaging or food products. Additionally, if you see small holes in your food containers or packaging, it could mean moths are there. Unusual odors and unexpected stickiness in dry goods or cereals is another sign of moths.
A more alarming sight is the presence of small caterpillars in your food storage area. Not to mention the obvious sign of seeing adult moths flying around your kitchen or pantry. Adult moths are an indication of a serious infestation. You really need to do a thorough search for the source of the pantry moths.

Preventing Indian Meal Moths

It is possible to prevent pantry moths from making themselves at home in your cupboards. Always inspect your stored food regularly in order to get rid of these intruders before they spread from one package or container to another.
When purchasing food in bulk, inspect carefully before putting it into storage containers. Use older food products before newly purchased foods. Store food in tightly sealed metal canisters, plastic containers, or glass jars.
As pantry moths multiply faster in humid areas, it is advisable to store foods in a cool, dry place that will further hinder their existence. A pantry moth infestation can rapidly spread from package to package. Therefore, throw away all contaminated and infested food to prevent moths from invading and spreading.
In case you discover signs of pantry moths in your home and need pest control in Montgomery County, call Raven Termite and Pest Control. We are here to prevent the moths from causing more damage. We have a dedicated team of licensed professionals who will handle all of your pest control needs. Contact us today for high-quality services that will keep you ahead of these unwanted pests.

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