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Is Your Christmas Tree Carrying Pests Inside?

Every Christmas, you have two choices when it comes to your Christmas tree: purchase a real tree or buy an artificial tree. Christmas purists will argue that it isn’t Christmas unless you have fir needles in your home and the scent of pine in the air, but real trees bring more than just holiday cheer. They can often attract unwanted pests and bring tiny stowaways into your home. If you don’t want  Anne Arundel County pest control after you bring your Christmas tree home, then take a minute to learn a bit about the pests to be on the lookout for.

Bark Beetles

The type of pests that hide in your Christmas tree will vary based on the location and region that you live in, but bugs like bark beetles can appear anywhere. They hide in the trunk of a tree. The good news is that they only like wet wood so your house should stay safe, but you will still want to call for Anne Arundel County pest control because even if the beetles aren’t munching, you don’t want to share your home with them.

Small Insects

There are very few insects you want inside of your home, and the list of insects that can sneak in with your Christmas tree includes psocids, adelgids, scale insects, and aphids. The good news is that all of these insects hide in branches and feed on the tree fluids, so once the tree dries out inside of your home, the insects die quickly as well.

Praying Mantis

Eating their mates is one of the most known facts about praying mantis. Sometimes a praying mantis leaves its egg sacks in the evergreen branches, and they hatch once the tree gets inside because the warmth tricks them into thinking it’s spring. While no one wants a swam of mantises in their home, the good news is they die quickly (both naturally and because they eat each other).

Clear Pests Out of Your Home with Anne Arundel County Pest Control

If you are worried that a few pests will sneak into your home with your Christmas tree, contact Raven Termite for help with Anne Arundel County pest control. We will come out right away and get rid of any invaders that have snuck into your home.

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