Is That a Sign of Termite Infestation?

Termites might be small insects, but they can make a big mess. Before you let them infest your home and get too far, it’s best to know the signs that they are there so you can deal with hiring for pest control in Hunt Valley before things are beyond repair. A termite colony can have 1-2 million bugs and that thought is downright chilling. Termites are small, white insects that are only about 1/4\” in length. One termite isn’t going to do much damage, but together, they can do plenty.

Watching For Termites

It’s a good idea for any homeowner to know what the signs are that termites are around so they can address the issue as soon as possible. Termites leave droppings behind that look like sawdust. If you see sawdust on the ground, perhaps in an unfinished basement, it could be feces or it could be an entrance point where the termite dug into the wood. It is now inside, feasting on the stud in your home, which isn’t a good thing either. You may also see discarded wings on the ground because termites will often shed their wings when they find a good place to nest. Mud tubes along the wall are another common indicator. This brown tube-looking item on the wall will look like a vein on the foundation of the home.

Dealing With Termites

When you have ants, you can see them and deal with them, perhaps on your own. Termites are a different issue because they are hiding within the walls and they are hard to reach and get rid of. It’s best to have professionals handle the termite infestation so you have guarantees about the results you are going to get before damage gets worse.

Getting Pest Control In Hunt Valley For Termites

If you suspect that you might have termites, it’s a good idea to call for pest control in Hunt Valley for a free assessment. The professionals can come to your home, see what you are dealing with, and offer you a plan of action and free estimate. Contact Raven Termite and Pest Control to figure out whether or not you have termites and what to do about it if you do.

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