If You Suspect a Ladybug Infestation, Call a Professional

When most people think of pests, they think of mice, snakes, ants, and other bugs. However, over the last twenty years, some people have been facing a prettier pest. The Asian lady beetle, known to most as a ladybug, has been invading homes. The University of Kentucky Entomology department has reported a large increase of ladybug infestations across the US since the early 1990\’s. If you find ladybugs in your home and need pest control services in Ellicott City, or areas nearby, please read on.

Are Ladybugs Dangerous in the House?

Ladybugs typically live outdoors and like to eat other bugs. Therefore, they are usually beneficial since they eat pests. Unfortunately, now they are flocking indoors and can be overwhelming once they start to multiply inside of your home. Ladybugs will not bite you or cause harm to people. However, they leave behind their waste and are a nuisance. If you disturb them, you will likely find a yellowish fluid left behind which they secrete to scare their enemies.

Where do These Ladybugs Come From?

The ladybug most commonly infesting homes is the Asian lady beetle, which actually is a newer breed of the bug to our area. Until the early 1990s, they were only found in China, Korea, Russia, and Japan, but now they can found across the United States. Unfortunately, they can become an issue when you start seeing them by the dozens inside of your home. If you start seeing ladybugs indoors on a daily basis, it is probably time to consider pest control services.

What is an Asian Lady Beetle (Ladybug)?

Asian lady beetles have the same oval shape that ladybugs are known for and measure about a quarter of an inch long. They are various shades of red and orange and most have black dots on their wings. They lay large groups of eggs that can be found on exterior walls of buildings. It only takes one month for an egg to transform through its life stages and transform into an adult ladybug, and the average lifespan of a beetle is three years. Therefore, it does not take long for them to take over your home.

What Do I Do If Ladybugs are in My Home?

While it is always good to seal the entry points of your home so that ladybugs cannot get in, once they are in your home you will need help from a professional. If you need pest control services in Ellicott City, or the surrounding area, contact Raven Termite and Pest Control immediately and tell them you have a ladybug infestation. They will come out and clear your home so that you can go back to living pest free.

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