Groundhogs Are Cute Until They’ve Invaded Your Space!

Groundhogs have a very public face with Punxotawny Phil checking for his shadow every year. But the truth is, these rodents can be very detrimental to your property and your home. When you discover that you have a groundhog problem you need to find pest control in Timonium that\’s reliable and fast.

Groundhogs: How to Tell You Have a Problem

The most common sign of a problem with groundhogs is burrows on your property. Groundhog burrows can be as deep as five feet and usually have more than one entrance, creating a series of tunnels under your property.
They will build extensively in their burrows. There will be separate chambers for elimination, nesting, hibernating, and sleeping.
Another way to tell that you have a problem is if your gardens are getting chewed up. Groundhogs will eat almost any plant material and are well-known for destroying a garden. They may even chew through your garden hose.

What Kind of Damage Can Groundhogs Cause?

With all the chewing and eating they do, groundhogs can cause serious damage to and even destroy your garden. While this can be costly and bothersome, it is not the most significant destruction they can cause.
Because of their digging, groundhogs can cause foundation problems. When they remove the supporting soil underneath a foundation, they can create a situation where the foundation becomes vulnerable and susceptible to cracking.
Additionally, tunneling behavior can lead to water damage in your home. During rainy weather, the burrows can fill with water. This can lead to water drainage problems as well as water flowing directly below the house.
Water damage and erosion can become severe problems. Due to moisture entering the basement, you may have mold growth that can spread through your entire home. Soil erosion from the water-logged tunnels can lead to complete foundation failure.

When You Find Groundhogs, You Need Pest Control in Timonium

In addition to causing all of this damage, groundhogs can be very. It\’s important that you find the best pest control in Timonium to handle your problem quickly. Don\’t hesitate to contact Raven Termite today!

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