Get Rid of the Mouse in Your House

Winter and fall are when rodents make their way into your home seeking warmth. Once in, they will hide in the attic, behind baseboards, and in the basement. They also hide in your furniture. Mice chew on paper, insulation, fabric, and wood to create a nest and a place to breed.

Telltale Signs of Rodent Infestation

One of the telltale signs of a mouse infestation is poop pellets. Additionally, look out for chewed boxes in your pantry and gnaw marks on your pipes, wires, and wood. Wood chips along doors, window frames, baseboards, and cabinets are also signs of rodent infestation. Dogs and cats, in most cases, can act unusually excited by the presence of mice in your home; particularly near the area where mice may be hiding. So, be on the lookout for strange behavior from your pets. Other common signs include holes in boxes and bags, squeaking noises, and foul smells emanating from hard to reach areas.
Mice wreak havoc on your property as they gnaw on wallboards, wires, and siding. They could also eat food you might have stored in your pantry. Mice may carry disease from pathogens such as Salmonella. Other diseases that can be attributed to mice are Hantavirus, Colorado Tick Fever, and Lyme Disease. You can contract diseases from consuming contaminated foods or exposure to areas contaminated with mouse urine and droppings.

Get Rid of Mice With Raven Termite and Pest Control

There are a host of DIY mice repellent ideas which claim to have outstanding results. Unfortunately, most have no scientific backing of their effectiveness. Besides, in most cases, rodent populations are much larger than the few mice you might see scurrying around.
Raven Termite and Pest Control will successfully get rid of mice and also advise how to prevent more. We recommend sealing all cracks and fortifying your home against future rodent activity. Getting rid a rodent infestation requires the use of special equipment and expertise. We specialize in pest control in Gaithersburg and beyond. Let\’s take care of your rodent problem, contact us today.

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