Get Rid of Squirrels on Your Property

To most people, squirrels are simply cute little creatures that spend their lives scurrying around in a never ending quest to find nuts. This behavior becomes even more noticeable at the end of the summer as the weather starts to cool down, and when this happens, these bushy tailed animals can become a serious threat to homeowners. It is because of this threat and the financial havoc they can wreck during the winter that pest control in Pasadena is something every homeowner should consider when trying to rid themselves of potential trouble as winter draws closer.

Can squirrels Really Become a Threat to My Home?

We get it. Squirrels are cute and look harmless, but in reality they are rodents and can do as much damage to a home as any rat does. Additionally, even though they seem to only eat nuts, squirrels require meat and vegetable matter to survive. Both insects and fruits become scarce during the cold season, quite literally forcing squirrels to search for a way to enter your home and raid your pantry (and anything else they can chew on).

What Kind of Damage Can a Squirrel Cause?

During the winter, the majority of squirrels that live in your backyard will do quite well in a nest made from twigs and other materials inside a tree hole, but those that can’t access these holes will go search for shelter in the warmest place they can find and that is usually your home’s attic or basement.
Because they are rodents, squirrels can chew holes in almost any type of building material, damaging siding and any electrical wires or insulation that get in their way. This can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs to your home, not counting the marked increase in your utility bills due to electrical or heating system damage, and the smell of urine and feces which permeates floors and other areas, which is very difficult, if not almost impossible, to remove, among other problems.

Pest control in Pasadena Can Help Keep Your Home Safe

One of the things that has made Raven Termite stand out among its competitors is the humane and careful way they can help you get rid of squirrels that could become a threat to your home. Raven Termite takes specific steps to protect your home from squirrel invasion, while removing any squirrels that may have already made themselves comfortable in your house, preventing any further damage and keeping your property safe from an unwanted nuisance.
So, don’t hesitate, if squirrels are squatting in your home and you are looking for the best pest control available, contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions about our extermination services you may have!

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