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Get Rid of Biting Insects for Good

Biting insects can be a real problem if they get into your home. Unfortunately, pests like bedbugs, fleas, lice, and ticks are more common than we’d like to think. When these insects bite humans, they not only cause pain and skin irritation, but also emotional distress. If you suspect biting insects have invaded your home, it is time to call pest control services in Howard County. Raven Termite and Pest Control serves Baltimore, Howard and Montgomery Counties.

What Insects Travel Indoors to Bite?

Certainly, it is worrisome if you or your family members experience insect bites in your home. Thought many bugs bite when you are outside, especially in a wooded area, some insects travel indoors to bite. These insects include head lice, scabies, mites, fleas, bed bugs and certain spiders.
Some of these pests, like head lice and scabies are diagnosed by a physician and treated with medicated shampoos, ointments and lotion. Pesticides treatments are not recommended for lice or scabies. However, invaders like bed bugs do need professional attention.

Pest Control Services Eliminate Bed Bugs

Bed bugs date back more than 3,000 years to ancient Egypt. These tiny parasites get their name from their tendency to be found in the bedding of their human victims. Bed bugs feed on the blood of people and warm-blooded animals.
Thanks to advancements in pesticides these pests were mostly eradicated in the developed world. Washing machines, vacuums and pest control products combined to rid the United States of most bed bugs by the 1950s. Regrettably, bed bugs have made a come back since the 1990s. Experts think that bed bugs adapted to become more resistant to pesticides.
If you suspect bedbugs, or other biting insects, contact a professional pest exterminator right away.  Using the most updated methods, an exterminator will get rid of the pests safely and effectively.

Raven Termite and Pest Control Services Howard County

Raven Termite and Pest Control provides business and residential pest control services in Howard County, Baltimore County and Montgomery County. We offer reliable, environmentally friendly pest control technologies ensuring all pests are out of your home and your environment is safe. Do not let biting insects be a threat to you and your family. Contact Raven Termite and Pest Control and get rid of biting pests for good.

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