Flies Inside During the Winter?!

The one perk of the cold, winter months is the fact that you usually do not have to deal with pesky bugs. However, some unfortunate souls will be shocked and appalled to find there are still flies buzzing around their home. Most likely the bugs are cluster flies, and while they will not cause damage, they can be very annoying.

What are Cluster Flies?

You will usually see cluster flies sitting on windows or walls because they are sluggish and don’t fly around in frantic circles like regular houseflies. Cluster fries tend to be larger flies with a black checkered body. Apart from their size, one way they vary from a regular house fly is their wings overlap. Also, true to their name, cluster flies like to cluster together in one spot like against windows, in attics, or near doors.

How Do They Get in Your Home?

Most cluster flies spend winter tucked between the inner and outer walls of your home. They can fit through very tiny cracks and huddle for warmth, but many times the heat from the interior of the home draws them towards new cracks and openings that lead them farther into the home. Once they are inside your home, they are not going to leave as the warm, light environment is paradise to them.

How Do I Get Rid of Cluster Flies?

Once they are inside of your home it can be very hard to get rid of cluster flies. You can kill them as you find them, but this will quickly grow old. Plus, in the time it takes you to swat the flies in your home, new ones will be hatching and replacing them. While cluster flies won’t hurt you, their dead bodies will attract other pests into your home like rodents or beetles. Thus, you don’t want to ignore their presence in your home for too long.
Like most pests, the best way to control them is to prevent them from getting into your home. However, before you start caulking and filling in cracks make sure that you get them out of your home by contacting Raven Termite and Pest Control for pest control in Bel Air and the surrounding area.

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