Fall is in the Air but That Shouldn’t Mean the Mice Come Marching

Autumn is upon us which means the air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and the holidays are approaching. This also means that mice are looking for a safe, cozy place to escape the change in temperature. They don’t hibernate or torpor during the winter so if they want to survive they need to find a place indoors, and this safe haven may just be your home. If you’re searching for exterminators in Bel Air to rid your home of pests, Raven Termite and Pest Control has the knowledge and experience to do so.

Why Mice Are Choosing Your Home- A Closer Look From
Exterminators in Bel Air

When mice find a place to hide so they don’t freeze, you can find them in the attic, garage, basement, crawl spaces, or cupboards. They use their whiskers to sense changes in temperature so it’s easy for them to find the most comfortable place for themselves. Mice are an issue because they deposit their droppings throughout your home, leave grime on walls and floors, and can carry fleas and other diseases. They can also inflict structural damage by chewing on various soft surfaces like fabric, wood, insulation, and electrical wiring.

How to Prevent Mice From Entering Your Home

To keep mice at bay, there are a few steps you can take. First, seal holes and small cracks around your house as mice can slip through them. Mice are able to squeeze through extremely tiny spaces. Next, store food in containers and avoid leaving scraps around the counters. The scent of food draws them near. Third, clean up spare boxes and materials outside of your home so mice can’t make nests. This includes keeping the tree line trimmed as the mice can use the branches to get into your attic.

Looking for Exterminators in Bel Air?

Raven Termite and Pest Control has over 18 years of experience providing clients in the Greater Baltimore and Washington D.C areas with pest control services. Whether you have silverfish, spiders, bats, or cockroaches, we have a detailed program to rid your home of them. For more information or to schedule an appointment today, contact us!

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