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Exterior Rodent Prevention Tips

Trying to keep rodents out of your home can be a difficult task, but taking preventative measures is the best way to ensure that your home stays rodent-free. Baltimore Pest Control companies can help with your pest goals. Here are some pro tips on how to most effectively protect your property from unwelcome pests:

1. Remove Clutter From Your Yard

Rodents love clutter because it provides them with hiding places and nesting materials. Make sure you regularly clean up any debris or junk in your yard so rodents don’t have anywhere to hide. Additionally,  keep piles of leaves or other debris away from your home and disposed of properly. This will help keep rodents out of the immediate area surrounding your house.

2. Keep Trash in Tightly Sealed Containers – More Tips From a Baltimore Pest Control Company

When storing trash outside, make sure it’s in an airtight container with a lid that won’t easily open or break off. This will help deter rodents from getting into your trash and making a mess.

3. Replace Screens

Old window screens or door screens can be easily torn by rodents, giving them access to the inside of your home. Make sure all screens are in good repair and that any holes or tears are patched up as soon as possible.

4. Store Firewood Away From Home

Rodents love to hide in piles of firewood and other debris, so it’s important to keep these items stored away from your house. Make sure any firewood you have is at least 20 feet away from the foundation of your house for maximum protection.

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Although taking such preventative measures will go a long way towards keeping pests.out of your home, sometimes the problem can be larger than you realize. If so, it’s time to call a Baltimore pest control company like Raven Termite and Pest Control for help. We are available seven days a week to take care of any rodent infestation you may have or inspect your property for potential threats. With our expertise in pest prevention and control, we will help make sure your home stays rodent-free all year long! Contact us today to get started!

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