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Early Warning Signs You Have a Mice Issue

One of the most common home pests is mice. Mice pop up in basements during the winter months because they prefer the warm, cozy, and slightly damp conditions of the basement much more than the icy conditions outside. While this is great for the invaders, it is not so great for homeowners. If you see a mouse, you know it’s time for pest control in Jessup because where there is one there are likely dozens more. However, if you know the early signs of a mouse invasion, you can take action sooner, so pest control is a bit easier.

Early Warning Signs Mice Have Invaded Your Home

The first warning sign of a mouse infestation in your home will probably be mouse droppings. Known as the calling card of mice, rats and mice tend to leave little black droppings everywhere they go. You may spot them in your kitchen, heating vents, or around the basement. Droppings are an immediate health problem that needs to be addressed urgently.

There are more signs than just rodent droppings that you may need pest control in Jessup. You may hear them scratching in the ceilings or the walls. This usually happens at night because mice are more active once the sun goes down. Grease rubs are another sign that they have been out and about, as are track prints across your home. You also might notice that your house pets are acting weird. Dogs and cats usually sense the presence of invaders before their human counterparts.

If you notice a bad odor or the smell of something decaying, it is also possible that a mouse is trapped in your home, and you are smelling the carcass rot. In this case, you need to get help right away.

Contact Raven Termite for Pest Control in Jessup

If you recognize any of the above early signs in your home, then it is time to get help with pest control in Jessup. Raven Termite offers pest control measures for mice and many other invaders. Contact us today to get help.

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