Moles are small burrowing insectivores, usually 6-8 inches long with grayish-black fur covering their bodies. Visible feeding tunnels throughout your yard is one of the most common signs that you have a mole problem. Molehills and tunnels can be a major eyesore while also making it more difficult for you to mow your lawn. Unfortunately, attempting to eliminate moles on your own is a frustrating experience. If you suspect moles and need professional pest control in Pasadena, discover Raven Termite and Pest Control. Our pros know the best ways to eliminate moles from near your home.

Why Fall is the Perfect Season for Getting Rid Moles

Limit Population
Moles usually live alone until early spring for the breeding season. Baby moles born in the summertime begin looking to mark their own territory during the fall season. However, you can limit this infestation and significantly reduce the population by scheduling pest control services.

Much Easier to Catch in the Fall
Another reason why autumn is a great time to eliminate moles is that it’s much easier to catch these pests before the ground freezes during the winter months. Moles are also more active during the fall and spring seasons. Eliminating these pests in the fall will keep your lawn looking great for the rest of the year.

Peace of Mind
Constantly dealing with moles is a frustrating experience, especially if you have a large property. Moles cause a lot of damage to lawns, flower beds and gardens. These tiny pests can tunnel up to one foot per minute! However, reaching out to pest control will save your grass while also giving you peace of mind.

Contact Professional Pest Control in Pasadena

Raven Termite and Pest Control specializes in eliminating moles and other pests. The fall season is the perfect time to schedule our services before the ground freezes over later in the year. We also offer other pest control in Pasadena the the surrounding areas. Call us to get rid of bed bugs, ants, termites, roaches, birds, squirrels, and much more.

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