Typically the Fall sees you reaching less for the fly swatter or handy newspaper. But this season of colorful trees and cooler temperatures can bring another unwanted visitor to your residence – cluster flies. These housefly relatives seek out warm houses for winter, often greeting unsuspecting homeowners with a swarm when they open an attic door. In this post, Raven Termite and Pest Control in Baltimore gives some tips on how to prevent cluster flies from entering. Plus, tips on what to do if they do get in.

The Unwelcome Gathering

Named for the way they group together on warm autumn days, cluster flies resemble a larger, slower housefly. A dull grey in color, they can show a golden sheen in certain light. While they don’t typically carry the range of diseases some other flies do, they still leave their deposits everywhere they go and are not pleasant to have buzzing about.

Cluster flies are attracted to the indoors as a site for winter hibernation. Once there, they make a “fly-line” for your attic space and walls, emerging sporadically on warmer winter days or when you turn the heat up.

Fly Proofing

Once inside, cluster flies can remain elusive. Therefore, the best way to prevent an infestation is to keep them out by:

  • Using silicone caulk to seal cracks around doors, windows or other openings like around fans and vents
  • Ensuring your screens on windows and doors are in good order and hole-free
  • Replacing any broken roof tiles, shingles or slates

Despite your best efforts once inside your living space cluster flies can still emerge, usually collecting on lamps and windows. If this happens, professional prevention and removal is your best option. Experienced exterminators will find out exactly where the flies are entering and hibernating and can apply professional-grade insecticide safely to remove the infestation.

Pest Control Services in Baltimore

Here at Raven Termite and Pest Control we have many years of expertise getting rid of Maryland’s unwanted visitors for commercial and residential clients. In addition to cluster flies, we deal with problem rodents, termites, spiders and roaches. Our NPMA-certified technicians use eco-friendly solutions whether it’s for single or regular inspections. If cluster flies are making an appearance in your house this fall, contact us for a free estimate to get rid of them once and for all.

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